Individual Income Tax Returns

I Run My Own Small Business

Small businesses generate nearly 50% of America's GDP.

If you're a small business owner you know that the demands on your time  never seem to stop. You also know that the difference between a year end profit or loss depends on the day to day ability of your team to deliver products or services efficiently.

That's just one reason why we provide several bookkeeping options for our business clients.


I Own Rental Property

If you own rental property you are among approximately 8% of of the American public.

Do you maintain accurate records? Are you missing out on deductions that will help keep your tax bill down?

For our Schedule E clients we work closely with you to accurately maintain each properties income and expenses seperate from each other. We'll also be sure to remind you of your property tax due dates so you'll never miss one of those.

The Balance

I Earn W-2 Wages

Do you know that nearly 90% of Americans earn their income as an employee?

Did you also know that there

 are deductions you may be entitled to? 

Did you change jobs during the year or do you pay out of pocket for job related expenses?

Do you receive social secuirty benefits? Will they be taxed? At what rate?


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